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At Vidyadhan, our dream is to provide our youth with access to opportunity. To allow them to contribute to and benefit from our economic progress. Higher education makes this dream a reality.Today, India has a very low gross enrolment ratio in higher education of 25.8%. This is much below global averages. Over the past 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to alleviating the challenges which result in this low gross enrolment ratio, namely:
    i. Poor awareness of available opportunities
    ii. The lack of access to good economic infrastructure and
    iii. Affordability


    Vidyadhan is a flagship higher education scholarship program of the Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiatives. Meritorious students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are provided financial support starting from standard XI till they complete graduation in a degree of their choice.Vidyadhan focuses on the holistic development of our youth. We focus on equipping them with the lifeskills and employability skills which will help them to leverage the opportunities as well as tackle the challenges that will come their way in their professional journey.

Financial Support

From 11th grade till graduation.


Personality development, Team-work, critical thinking, problem solving.


Professional mentoring & Career guidance.

How Can You Transform Lives?


Your contribution can give wings to the dreams of a brilliant student and transform the lives of multiple generations.
per year for 5.5 years
per year for 4 years
4 Yr. Prof. Courses
per year for 4 years
3 Yr. Degree Courses
per year for 3 years














Other Professional Courses


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What is the Vidyadhan Platform?

The Vidyadhan Platform is an initiative of The Sarojini Damodaran Foundation (SDF). It is envisioned to be an institutional information framework. The platform's primary goal is to provide direct one to one connections between sponsors and deserving, economically underprivileged students. The Platform will facilitate scholarships and holistic support, including mentoring by the sponsors for the educational well-being of such students, in their pursuit of higher education and professional qualifications.

What will the platform not do?

Since the sponsorship funds will be directly sent from the sponsor to the student the platform will not receive any funds in the process and will not have access to the money transferred. The foundation also will have no access to the funds.
The platform/foundation will not charge any administrative, maintenance or transaction fees to the sponsors or students.

What sort of privacy measures are in place for the sponsors?

Sponsors can choose from multiple levels of privacy depending on the anonymity preferred. There are 4 levels of privacy available to the sponsor.
  • Public View The sponsor profile and student(s) sponsored is viewable to anyone viewing the SDF website
  • Sponsor Community View The sponsor profile and student(s) sponsored is viewable to all the registered sponsors on the platform and to only the student(s) selected by the sponsor
  • Student Community View The sponsor profile is viewable to all the registered students on the platform
  • Selected Student View The sponsor profile is viewable only to the student(s) selected by the sponsor
  • For all 4 levels of privacy the activity will be viewable to the Vidyadhan platform administrators. Communication between parties over the platform will be monitored to ensure compliance with policies.

How does a sponsor contribute to support a student?

    a. The student will first setup a bank account with a Vidyadhan partner bank. This account will be used to receive contributions from the sponsor over the period of education supported. The sponsor can transfer to this account from around the world via money transfer agents such as Xoom, TransferWise, Money2India etc. The Vidyadhan platform will track, record and confirm once the contribution is received. While the platform will not have access to the money transferred it will monitor and record transfer for compliance with RBI regulations and for transparency.
    b. Sponsors can also choose to take support from the Foundation in the payment process wherein they transfer the money to the Foundation's account and the Foundation then transfers the money into the student's account. This is particularly helpful when an individual or Corporate is sponsoring multiple students.

Will the contribution be tax exempt?

    a. Any scholarship payments made through the Foundation will receive an 80G tax exemption certificate foundation
    b. Scholarships paid by the Sponsors directly to the student's account will not be tax exempt since the amount is not received by the Foundation but sent directly to the student for payment of school fees. The Vidyadhan platform will not have access to the contribution but will help facilitate the transfer of the contribution to the student selected by the sponsor. The platform and the foundation will not charge any administrative fees or any other kind of fees to anyone involved. This will reduce the sponsorship amount and will offset part of the tax benefit.



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