“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them” – Michael Jordan
Right from his childhood, Krishnakumar exhibited a keen interest in sea life. After waiting for 13 long years, his parents conceived him . Krishnakumar went through a drastic childhood experiencing both extreme wealth and poverty.
He was an average student but his performance in studies improved overtime. “SDF made a very big difference in my life from Krishnakumar B.Sc to Krishnakumar M.Sc. It added one letter to my qualification but that made the biggest change in my life. It helped me develop my career as a Conservation Biologist.”
Krishnakumar coordinated the River Fish Monitoring conducted by Kerala State Biodiversity Board in six major rivers. “I have been part of the first effort in India to remove an exotic fish, the African Catfish, causing damage to the native fish in Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala. We received wide appreciation for the same.” Krishnakumar recently attended the CLP Conservation Management and Leadership Training Workshop held at Barrier Lake Field Station University of Alberta, Canada. He acquired a grant of `30 Lakhs from funding agencies and also discovered two new fish in Kerala.
Krishnakumar wishes to continue his career as a Conservation Biologist, protecting the native flora and fauna without affecting the livelihoods of the dependent communities.